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How effective is your advertising?


What TV channel
generates the best response?


What station gains more sales? How does morning compare to


Is colour better than
black & white?


How does web advertising impact my sales?
Which website
works best?


What is AdTracker®?

AdTracker® is a statistics and analytical system that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your adverts on TV, radio, print and online.

What questions does AdTracker® answer?

All your advertising data is stored in one place and can answer questions like:

  • Which advert gained the best response this month?
  • Was our advert in The Times better than our advert in The Daily Mail?
  • Did our full page ad gain a better response than our half page ad?
  • Was our 30 second radio advert better than our 10 second advert?

What does AdTracker® provide?

Automated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis are generated and delivered to your chosen email address. Information provided includes:

  • The telephone number that called you
  • The time and date of the call
  • How many calls were answered, unanswered or engaged
  • Busiest location in the UK
  • Call distribution of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and mobiles
  • Calls distribution by day, evening and weekend
  • ...and more!

All this data can be accessed securely online through your AdTracker® portal all year round.

AdTracker Diagram

How does AdTracker® work?

By using a different AGM telephone number in each of your adverts, in each advertising media, you can track the response to that particular advert.

AdTracker® also enables you to TEST your advertising.
Testing is one of the most important tools when you are advertising your business. By slightly changing your newspaper adverts, your flyers or your radio ads you will be able to gage if the response to your advert has increased. The best way to establish an increase in business and profit is by using AdTracker®.


"Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving."
~ David Ogilvy


How much does AdTracker® cost?

AdTracker® is accessed via a monthly subscription starting from £19.95 + VAT per month. This includes all the above information, 10 x numbers e.g. 0844/0800/0207/0345 etc, your online account and maintenance & support from our team to ensure you get the most out of AdTracker®

You can also subscribe on an annual basis from just £199.95 + VAT.
Additional numbers can also be purchased when required.

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AGM have without exception, provided an extremely professional and most importantly a "no hassle" service.

Compulease Ltd
N J Woolf, Managing Director,
Compulease Ltd
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